There are several gynecology diseases which can be treated well with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture method.

1. Irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is the delay or early menstrual cycle, excess and too little the amount of bleeding, unnormal menstrual color and quality ,

Chinese medicine treatment to irregular menstruation is based on your menstrual period, color, texture and systemic symptoms, treat your whole body system from cold, heat, virtual, real, gas, blood, yin, yang eight aspects. Acupuncture and herbs both can treat menstrual disorders, and each with its own characteristics.   for mild irregular menstruation acupuncture often have an immediate effect. Prescription treatment of irregular menstruation  often play an active role in the treatment of refractory or intractable irregular menstruation. If it is tough to cook herbal tea, with modern technology there are all kinds of alternative way like herbal powder or herbal powder capsules.

2 Habitual abortion

Less than 28 weeks of pregnancy viability fetal natural birth, or have this symptom more than three times in a row, the Chinese medicine called "skidding". This is due to lack of blood or kidney weakness. Consecutive abortion or miscarriage occurs more than three times, is called "skidding", modern medicine is called "habitual abortion.

Since ancient times, the use of acupuncture and prescriptions of miscarriage is a strength of Traditional Chinese Medicine gynecology.

3. chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

4. Uterine prolapse

5. uterine fibroids

6. menopausal syndrome