Evergreen Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Center (also called E.A.C.H. center) is a medical clinic practicing traditional Chinese medicine  methods to treat all kinds of illness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine methods have thousands years of history and proves to be a very effective and convenient way to treat diseases. You will surely benefit from it in that:
  • It is personalized, we do not treat your cold, insomnia or diabetes  same as any other person and even for chronic disease you do not need to take medicine for your whole life and there are very good chances you can be fully healed.
  • We treat your illness by finding out root cause of your health problems not just individual symptoms. Your do not need to treat gallstones by removing whole gall bladder; You do not need to take all kinds of painful and harmful chemical and radiation methods and surgeries to fight for cancer. You life quality is improving not degrading.
  • Your health will be in your own control and do not need to feel desperate when suddenly you are diagnosed late phases of certain type of cancers. When you build up a good knowledge of what a healthy person looks like from traditional Chinese medicine theory, you can take better care of yourself and know better and earlier if you have malfunction of your body and get it treated as soon as possible.