cancer treatment

According to Western Medicine,cancer is still one of the most difficult class of diseases that threaten life. After many years, the most effective treatment plan in western-medicine is still the 3 techniques they always use  -- Operation, Radiation and Chemo therapy. In general cancer surviving rate is about 5 years.  If you are 90 years old already, 5 years extra life is a very long time, but what if you are young? The fact is that they do not know how to effectively treat cancer.  The 3 technique usually cause serious damage or toxin to the body.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we do not treat disease by its name or by lab test, we treat root cause of the disease from symptoms. In contrast with western-medicine, we use a Macro Vision to analysis the disease in stead of the Micro Vision they are familiar.  We treat human body as a black box, with the Visual, Hearing, Questioning, Touching techniques, we gather all the information we need, and then guide us to prescribe  Acupuncture and Herb Formula, suggest the right diet, life style to our patients. So when the symptoms change back to normal, tumors  sometimes  either cease of growing or shrink or even disappear. When you analyze those herbs, they may not have the chemical ingredients that can kill the cancer cell. That means, once you can balance your body energy, establish the right environment to eliminate the cancer growth, your body can heal by itself. The needles at certain acu-points and herbs has its own attribute to stimulate your body in order to activate the healing power of yourself.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have a very simple standard to measure your health,  to see if you are towards to heal, or if you are taking the right medication. If you have all positive answer, that means you are healthy. If some of them are negative, after you take any kind of medication, does not matter its western-medicine or Chinese medicine , if  it can help you towards to answer yes, that means your medication is on the right track, if it towards to select No, that means you should do some changes.  Because this standard is so simple and clear, you can choose your physician and life style easily by it. For example, if  you take someone's treatment in 4 consecutive weeks, your conditions have no change or even become worse according to our standard, that means the medication your physician prescribed may not work for you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine use the Eight Principle to differentiate the disease. From our experience, most tumors are related to Yin-Excess-Internal-Cold syndrome, so that we need to use acupoint or herbs that has very hot/warm (Yang) attribute , boost body detoxing process to activate human body's natural healing power in order to clean the internal excess of nutrition concentration (Excessive of Yin).  We rarely  see  Heart and Small Intestine cancer. That's because heart is one of the hottest place in the body and Small Intestine has a energy channel connected to the Heart. In other words, if we naturally change the body condition to the environment that cancer cell can not survive, then the patient will be able to heal much faster.
In TCM's point of view, If the patients have not been treated by western-medicine doctors using the 3 "attack and killing" technique, and instead are willing to be treated by a TCM doctor who can use the right formula according to the patient's condition, the patient may  has higher chance to heal or survive longer. Even if you has been treated by operation or radio/chemo therapy, we still can help you to reduce the damage of them by eliminating the side effects and boost your body function so that you can not only prolong your life but also have a much better quality of your life.