radiation damage

Herbs and Acupuncture can help to fight Radiation Damages to the human body.

Nuclear radiation poisoning threat from the Japan power plant is  triggering growing international alarm at the escalating crisis.  That disaster would be followed by the release of a deadly radioactive death cloud that would drift over the Pacific and poison the people of the U.S. West Coast.

Nuclear radiation on the human body will certainly cause severe damage, the harmfulness of it has certain similarity to the radiation therapy conducted for the tumor patients, can affect the nervous system and hematopoietic system, digestive system and so on.

Specifically, the radioactive substance can be in haled through the respiratory, skin wounds and gastrointestinal absorption into the body, causing the internal radiation, but also absorbed by the body to penetrate a certain distance, so that the body has external  radiation damage too. The formation of the internal and external exposure to radiation sickness symptoms: ulcers, hair loss, leukemia, vomiting and diarrhea, Sometimes increase the cancer, distortion, the incidence of hereditary disease, affecting the health of generations.

Many people order Potassium Iodide from Internet, but use these highly concentrated chemical medicine without the right instruction may cause serious side effects. They treat very specific conditions not supposed to be widely used.

Use Acupuncture and Herbs will not cause any poisoning and side effects. They are widely used in China to treat, prevent and alleviating the side effect of radio and chemotherapy induced adverse reactions in cancer patients.

  • Acupuncture uses small needle inserted into designated points to stimulate the body's immune and healing ability to resist the effects of radiation/chemical toxic. It also make you stronger during the treatments.
  • The herbs are used for thousand of years of experience with property of clearing-heat, detoxification and strengthening body resistance to dispel pathogenic factors.

From the Chinese Traditional Medicine's point of view, nuclear radiation is a form of toxic heat or fire poison.  It will damage body's liquid, also can lead to unregulated blood flow, resulting in fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, skin redness, bleeding and other symptoms. From this understanding, in order to achieve the purpose of preventing or reducing radiation, you can do some acupuncture treatment or take some herbs or eat some foods that can clearing and detoxifying, nourishing, cooling the blood. For example of food and herbs : chrysanthemum, medlar, heterophylla, peony, Ophiopogon japonicus, white fungus, yam, honeysuckle, Houttuynia, Agrimony, dates, tomatoes, etc.

At August 6, 1945, after the United States dropping of atomic bombs in Hiroshima, Japan, many Japanese people also caused radiation skiness,  but some of them have Chinese Medicine knowledge, in the throwing events, they eat lots of clear heat and detoxifying herbs, while consumpting of red dates and tomatoes, and other red foods. Afterwards, there has no radiation sickness , including leukemia for those people.

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