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大学终身教授Tony 曾因阑尾炎穿孔造成腹膜炎而在某西医院手术后不久发现黄疸,进而发现结石。因为身体原因,无法马上手术,而采用ERPC从胆道口吸出3粒结石,准备等待他身体好转后做第二次开腹手术,摘掉胆囊。因为他的情况特殊,Tony的第二次开腹手术比一般胆结石手术的风险大得多,所以希望可以避免手术,但是他的胆囊肿胀,发炎和充气严重,如果不处理,破裂后可能有生命危险,更不用说时不时的胆囊疼痛让他痛苦万分,经人介绍来到长青诊所求诊。


这一病例使Tony 的西医主治医生,那所医院的内科主任感到震惊,不得不承认中医术的特殊治疗作用,并且从Tony 那里记下了常医生的联系方式。
Tenured university professor Tony ever had an operation for perforated appendicitis which also caused peritonitis in a Western hospital. After surgery it was soon found jaundice, and then found the stones too. Because of health reasons, he can not at the moment take another surgery, He was applied ERPC and  3 stones are sucked out of the mouth of biliary, his doctor prepared to wait for his body better do a second open surgery to remove the gallbladder. Because of his special circumstances, Tony's second laparotomy has much greater risk than the general gallstone surgery, so he hoped to avoid surgery, but his gallbladder swelling, inflammation and inflation were very serious, if not addressed timely, it may rupture life-threatening gall bladder pain, not to mention from time to time great pain, he was introduced to the Evergreen Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinic.

Acupuncturist Chang used acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine combined with diet therapy for treatment. Because Americans are afraid of the acupuncture needle pain, also drinking Chinese medicine is difficult to adapt to due to its taste
Acupuncturist Chang then tried to  use laser acupuncture method, and based on the patient's situation, only a tenth of the adult dose of Chinese medicine is given, the patient constantly found his stones in the stool. After close to 1-year long-term adherence to treatment, recent ultrasound showed invisible stones, cholecystokinin did show it is getting back to normal, the blood test indicators also show that he is extraordinarily healthy is a big difference than before, of course, his gall bladder discomfort disappear naturally.

With this case the western medicine doctor, director of the hospital,  is shocked to admit that the role of special treatment in chinese acupuncture and medicine, he also took note from Tony  of Acupuncturist Chang's contact info.