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Acupuncture is magic! 越女苦求医,针灸显神迹

为了减轻痛苦,Tina开始了她的中医针灸之旅,当尝试了四位不同的针灸师效果不佳之后,经人介绍来到治疗疼痛特效的长青中医诊所,在第一次针灸的过程中,Tina的头痛就开始减轻,治疗结束时她感到异常轻松,并且于第二天打电话反馈说针灸后的一整天都没有吃止痛药。因为一周后要出差到印度,Tina 诚恳地对常医生提出要求“能否让我在出差的时候,能够这样轻松的度过,尤其在飞机上不要头痛那么严重?”常医生在后续的治疗里,仔细研究,配合病人的反应,在Tina 出差前共做了四次治疗,并教给她一些应急自己可以按揉的穴位。2周后Tina 回来反馈说出差期间,没有服用哪怕是一次止痛药。


Vietnamese-American Tina is having stubborn headache for years. Due to this she almost can not work and plan to ask for short term disability leave. Even more frightening is she went to see western medicine doctors in several famous hospitals and they could not do anything effective to it. She visited several doctors and still nothing can help on it. Finally she went to Stanford hopital and when they are doing spinal puncture extract cerebrospinal fluid, it was found stumbled upon abnormal pressure on her brain, and headache disappeared two weeks after the drawn cerebrospinal fluid. Two weeks after the headache recurrence, Stanford Hospital is impossible to find out exactly what causes her abnormal brain pressure. Return visit, the doctor gave her two choices. Continue two weeks pumping once cerebrospinal fluid, or taking a drug from Stanford Hospital and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine , but the side effects may be significant and she has to check blood every two weeks to for kidney function. Tina chose the latter, but still subject to headache, sometime very serious when she needs to take 3 times higher than the normal dose , and everyday she has to take dozens of painkillers.

In order to alleviate the suffering, Tina began her tour of looking for traditional Chinese acupuncture method, when tried four different acupuncturists ineffective, she was introduced to the treatment of the pain relief specialist Evergreen Chinese acupuncture and medicine clinics. In the first acupuncture treatment Tina headache began to ease. At the end of treatment, she was surprisingly feeling very comfortable and much less headache, and the next day she called back and said  that a day after the acupuncture she did not eat painkillers. Several weeks before a business trip to India, Tina sincerely request Acupuncturist Chang if he can help to "reduce her pain and feel well during the business, especially not so serious headache on the plane?" Acupuncturist Chang did several follow-up treatments to her and also teach her ​​some emergency Acu points she can use . Tina came back after two weeks and mentioned during the business trip, she did not taking even one painkillers. She thought it is amazing and a magic to her.

Appreciating the magical effects of regular medical treatment, she also brought her brothers and sisters and mothers living in the capital of California to clinics for treatment, and introduced her boss and colleagues to Evergreen Acupuncture Clinic.