Study finds acupuncture is proven best way to treat all kinds of pains and currently widely used by many acupuncturists. what is special in our clinic to treat your pain? If you ever see how a paralyzed and painful person can sit up and even walk after 1st treatment you will know the answer.  Taught by a master whose knowledge is inherited from more than sixteen generations since Jin Dynasty about 800 years ago, the practitioner has very unique technique to treat your pain. Our methods include but not limited to acupuncture, herb supplement and E-scraping to help you reduce,remove the pain. 

we are so confidence of our service to be able to reduce your pain!

Lost of our patient's pain is significantly  reduced right after the treatment, some of them experience the pain start diminishing in just a few minutes. If they follow our pain treatment and maintenance schedule, the pain is not longer an issue to bother them.