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Breast Cancer

In general, for Stage I, II and III breast cancer patients, they can select to use  Acupuncture and/or Herbs for their treatment .  If the patient has Stage IV breast cancer, acupuncture is not enough, we have to use herb formula.
Breast Cancer is one of the disease that threaten all women's health. It affects countless families. In 1999 alone, more than 40,000 women died because of Breast Cancer in United States. It means that the state does not have an effective way to prevent and treat Breast Cancer.

Before we talk about the right approach to prevent and treat breast cancer, we have to know that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we believe the source of woman's menses is breast milk. compare to in Western-medicine the belief is  that menses is caused by unfertilized eggs, there are huge difference there. That causes the western-medicine researchers not able to  provide effective breast cancer prevention and treatment plan.

Because the Menstruation is breast milk,  then women must know during every month's period, The fullness pressure of the breast will be reduced daily, till the period ends, then the pressure is fully released. If there is excessive breast milk which has not been clean out, then accumulated very long time in the breast, those excessive breast milk will feed the cancer cell. That's the cause  of the breast cancer.

Once there is excessive breast milk has not been cleaned out,  and hence that causes some of the nodule exist in the breast, we have to use acupuncture and herb formula to clean them out during the next menstruation period.

 Because we believe breast milk and menstruation are the same thing, every food or medicine  causing the increasing of breast milk will make high possibility of woman to get breast cancer. For example, Female hormones, Vitamin C, etc. During the breast feeding period, the baby will help to clean the breast milk every day, so we do not need to worry about it. But once someone plans to stop the breast feeding, she has to depends on Traditional Chinese Medicine to clean out all breast milk. If she uses western medicine's injection to stop the generation of breast milk, it will cause even more damage. Because the western-medicine does not understand breast milk is menstruation, where will the breast milk stay after the injection? A lot of breast cancer is strongly related to those injections.

After the menopause, or ovary and uterus removal, there is no more menstruation. But the body is still generating breast milk, the only way to have them out is through bowel movement. So we'd rather women have diarrhea than they have constipation. In Western medicine, it is the other way, they do not think constipation is disease, and ignorant the importance of bowel movement.  That's why they can not treat the breast cancer well.

In summary of the above point of view, there are a list of important points you need to reference:

1.  You have to treat constipation.

2.  Every menstruation period has to be exactly on time, with a decent amount of bleeding, when the period stops, there are no more fullness pressure on your breast.

3.  Never remove ovary and uterus, if you are not feeling right during menopause, visit a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor.

4. The biopsy is hurting your breast, and cause more breast accumulation in your breast.

5. Avoid to take a lot of prescription drugs, because they all chemical poison. They all hurt your liver and heart. Heart is the main organ to control the generation of your breast milk and menstruation.

6. Keep happiness, depression and too much of pressure will slow down metabolism of breast milk, cause them can not reach uterus to become menstruation.

7. Stop taking any nutritional supplement, because excessive nutrition will support the growth of cancer cell.

If you follow the above guideline, you will have very low chance to get breast cancer.