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Self Health Evaluation

By most of Western Medicine Doctor's criteria, if one's lab test come back within normal range that means  the patient is healthy, even if he may feel there are something wrong and the patient does not feel good.  Then the patient travels from one doctor's office to another doctor's office, spend a lot of money and time trying  to find a MD who can diagnose the problem, until finally he meets one MD who tells him that yes, he is sick, and then give him a name of the disease. Sometimes, the disease was named only because there are lots of people who are having the same problem but without a distinctive lab test results. For example: the condition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was not listed as a disease 30 years ago.
Chinese Acupuncturist and Herbalist do not rely on disease names and/or lab test results to tell if you are healthy or not. In a Traditional Chinese Medicine Examination session,  we use questioning, taking pulses, visually inspecting Tongue and Eyes to tell what is going on in your body, and use those information to prescribe Acupuncture and Herbal formula, suggest life style changes and type of exercise needed.
If your are told by your MD that your lab test results shows you are healthy, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions to see if  we would agree in Traditional Chinese Medicine's point of view. Our belief is that you have to know what is good health standard in order to recognize if someone is in balance and needs treatment.

  1. Do you have a regular appetite? (Food taste good, get hungry at meal time, and do not over eat.  YES    NO
  2. Do you urinate 5-7 times a day without any pain or difficulty?   YES   NO
  3. Do you sleep all night through?    YES    NO
  4. Do you have warm feet, warm hand and cold face?    YES     NO
  5. Do you sweat normally? YES NO
  6. Do you wake with erection (Penile if male, Breast nipple if  female)?    YES    NO
  7. Do you have a bowel movement everyday at the same time?  YES    NO
  8. Do you pain free?   YES     NO
  9. Do you have the right energy level?     YES   NO
If you are able to answer YES   to all the above questions, then you are in good health. If you answered NO to any of the above questions, you are not fully healthy and need to pay more attention now. If you are suffering from any of above and the bad symptom has been a while, you really need to see traditional chinese medicine practitioner for more detailed examination because your body already gives you hint something is not normal in your body or some functions do not work well. In this way you can  prevent  it develope to more severe disease.