Weight Loss

If you feel you are overweight, you are not alone. Overweight is becoming a more and more common problem. Busy life, work pressure and fast lifestyle and all other changes in the world are all leading people to overweight. Do not just feel sad or blame yourself and think diet and exercise are the only ways which can help you.  As an acupuncturist practitoner, I would like to use all my knowledge and experience to help you control your weight, balance your body system and reshape it. 

There are many diet plans on the market, but lots of them fail. The problem with the most of  the diets are that they require a dramatic changing of lifestyle that is almost impossible to stick with for the full set period of time. These limitations are very strict and severe but cannot be easily maintained over the long run.  Then the most people end up frustrated, not only with the diet but with themselves as well, returning to their destructive behavioral patterns of unhealthy eating, which results in more weight gain…and the cycle continues.

What is needed is a holistic type of healing that addresses the unique needs of each individual, helping him or her to make small positive lifestyle changes step by step at each period leading to achieving the weight loss goal to enjoy big health benefits. Acupuncture offers the type of solution that gets to the root of the problem. 

Acupuncture For Weight Loss

Acupuncture has been practiced several thousand of years in China for a variety of conditions, it is deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is focused on restoring balance to one’s mind and body. There are various energy pathways, called meridians, are mapped out on the body. Applying stimulation or pressure to certain points can bring about specific results. If you are considering acupuncture for weight loss, you are in good company because this is one of the primary uses for this form of the therapy.

The Benefits of using Acupuncture as main therapy to lose weight

Acupuncture addresses both psychological and physiological aspects of weight loss. Benefits of acupuncture include:
  • promoting healthy digestion
  • increasing one’s metabolism
  • curbing the appetite by eliminating unhealthy cravings
Acupuncture deals with the problem at its source, rather than merely stopping or masking the symptoms.

Acupuncture also helps to deal with emotional issues such as 
  • anger
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depress
This is especially helpful for emotional eaters. Stress cause body to release higher levels of serotonin that helps you to feel better, but unfortunately, The cost of this body reaction is that you eat more foods to generate serotonin, then you are increasing your weight which can subsequently lead to depression, anxiety and even more stress. The administration of several regular acupuncture treatments can gradually help reduce feelings of depression, restore a disrupted circadian rhythm that  is caused by anxiety which leads to insomnia and overeating,  subsequently decrease overeating and weight gain. This is often a very effective approach for individuals who are having difficulty losing weight. This is not a new practice. It has been around for ages with proven results. 

Acupuncture treats other reasons for weigh gain like:
  • medical conditions
  • addiction

Other forms of a successful regimen may be combined with acupuncture to restore body's balance, avoid emotional eating, medical condition and addiction to help you lose weight  include:
  • healthy nutritional and supplements practices
  • moderate amount of exercise
  • a decrease in stress

One of the major benefits of acupuncture is that it is uniquely tailored to fit the needs of each individual. For example, someone who struggles with a slow metabolism will not require the same treatment as a compulsive eater. The deepest issues that have led to weight gain will be addressed in order that weight loss might be accomplished. Acupuncture is a trusted, safe, and effective means of weight loss.

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