At Evergreen Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs' Pain and Weight Control Center , we offer wide range of weight control options that have been proven to work. Since there are no two human is identical, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine's theory, the treatment detail is individualized. Our TCM practitioner will work with you and provide your own weight loss plan.




General Steps

  1. Schedule your initial consultation. Call us at 408-215-1683.
  2. Meet with TCM practitioner and work with him to develop the right package for you.
  3. Start your program. Follow the ongoing treatment schedules as well as fulfill the program's everyday requirements.
  4. Ongoing meet during treatment session for support,adjust and monitor your progress.

"Total Reshape" Weight Control Program Treatment Plans:

one week detoxification program:

With every passing day, we ingest processed food, chemicals, and endure pollution in the streets, It is vital to our health that we need to do  some body pampering and body detox cleanse. Toxins in the air, in the food we eat, and in the commercial products we use may build up in our system throughout the years, and wreak havoc on the body. Left unchecked and ignored, these toxins can cause debilitating illnesses and frequent trips to doctors clinics. A reprieve from mindless eating and a body detox cleansing to eliminate toxins are a must.

Acupuncture is proven to be an effective therapy to detox our body, it treats the whole person - body, mind and emotions.  The treatment does not require any effort on half of the patient, and it provides immediate as well as long-term effects. It is non-addictive. It improves the treatment environment as well as treatment outcomes.  Anxious patients relax. Tired and apathetic patients reported an increased sense of vitality during and immediately after treatment. Most people experience a relaxing and centering feeling.

The lymphatic system is very important in cleansing our body because lymphatic fluids move around the whole body. Comprising lymph glands, nodes, vessels and organs such as tonsils, spleen, appendix. thymus and adnoids, the lymphatic system functions like a garbage collector – these lymph nodes and organs separate toxic organisms and waste products from lymph fluid. but  it does not have a pump (the blood circulatory system has the heart as the pump) so the movement of lymphatic fluids needs to be improved through exercise, hydrotherapy and even skin brushing. Thus, we developed the e-scraping procedure to ensure our lymphatic system is in excellent running order.

Our one week detoxification program integrate Acupuncture, detoxification supplements and/or herbs to clean up your inner body.  This package includes:
  • Three visit of Acupuncture and e-scraping combined treatment.  The two powerful therapy working together to reduce your stress levels, increase blood circulation levels and clear the toxin in your body and reduce the burden of lymphatic systems.
  • One week supplement supply of Liver & Colon cleansing system which use exceptional herbs and botanicals to detoxify, cleans and purify the digestive tract and liver.
  • Detox Exercise and breathing instructions
  • Detox Food list, Rules and guide lines.

Two week power jump-start program:

The standard program is based on your specific metabolism and is designed for rapid weight loss.  It includes combinations of Acupuncture, E-scraping, Diet Plan, Exercise as well as Herb or Nutritional Supplements. After the 2 week treatment, we will judge how well your progress is and how your body reacts to it. You can choose to continue the weight loss by using our Customized Plan, or enter the Weight Maintenance Plan.

This package includes:

  • A preventive Traditional Chinese Medicine Examination and Meridian Diagnosis in the initial visit.
  • Discussion and Weight Loss goal setting in the initial visit.
  • Two body composition measurements, one in the initial visit and one in the closing session
  • Six intensive visits in 2 weeks(every other day), including body Acupuncture, E-scraping for abdominal lymphatic drainage, fat removal, craving control, metabolism and energy adjustment 
  • Clients can select either Auricular Acupuncture ear seeds or sleeping slim patch treatment. They will provide extra weight loss benefits in extended hours during the day. If clients prefer to use ear seeds, these seeds will be placed and changed 3 times a week. If clients want to use sleeping slim path, one patch per night is included in the program. Up to 4 patch per night can be used depends on client's weigh and their weight loss goal.

Customized 12 week weight control program

This is a custom designed plan with many options for clients to select based upon their weight loss goal. Based on a number of factors, we  will decide on which modified program will fit your needs and how quickly you wish to reach your goals, and a program will then be designed especially for you.

Study show that it takes up to 12 weeks for a normal person transitioning to a new healthy lifestyle. So the behavior modification program is one key success factors for long term weight maintenance.

On top of baseline 12 week wight loss package, the customized  weight control program have 3 major different diet and exercise style for customers to choose:

  • Rapid Results
  • Sure & Steady
  • Maintenance

The baseline 12 week weigh loss package includes:

  • A preventive Traditional Chinese Medicine Examination and Meridian Diagnosis.
  • One week detoxification for the first week
    • The same as our one week detoxification program described above.
  • Nutrition and Low-glycemic Diet Education
  • Behavior Modification , which includes 3 months membership of web based transition lifestyle system support for  online daily journal, progress tracking, meal and exercise plan as well as stress reduction tips, exercise guides and videos, etc.
  • Diets customized to each patient's metabolic requirements
    • Rapid Results
    • Sure & Steady
    • Maintenance
  • 4 monthly office visits to review progress, record segmented body composition,  and/or fine adjustment of the plan.
  • Long-term Maintenance plan is discussed during the closing session.
Besides the basic package, there are optional acupuncture & e-scraping package available for customer to choice for general wellness, stress reduction, body detoxification and targeted fatty region treatment which based on our body composition measurement results.
  • Rapid Results package:  
    • 20  extra treatment visits, fits the need of the clients who want a more aggressive weight loss goals.
  • Sure & Steady package: 
    • 10 extra treatment visits, fits clients who want to lose weight slow but steady. 
  • Maintenance package: 
    • 5 extra treatment visits. For those who almost meet their weight loss goal, and maintain their results.
  • Ear seeds or sleeping patch treatment can also be provided based upon clients's request.
  • Self-Maintenance: 
    • none extra visits, for clients wish to use the baseline 12 week weight loss package and our transition lifestyle system web support only.

Herb & Supplements based medication options

These options involve the use of Herb or nutrition diet pills , or slim patch to curb the appetite and burn the excessive fats to speed up the weight loss process.

Although the herbs, supplements and slim path are very safe in general, but very few client's skin may allergic to the slim path, to better protect our clients, the slim patch will be only distributed  after each treatment.  If allergic reaction happen, client should stop use the slim patch right away and notify use immediately. We will change to ear seeds for the following treatment.

Low-glycemic diet and Behavior Modification options is a key to successful long term weight maintenance.

The successful TLS Weight Management Solution is well incorporated as an integrative part of our "Total Reshape" Weight Control program for diet and behavior modification support. Its proven approach encompasses low-glycemic impact eating and behavior modification, offering an extensive plan that covers lots of aspects you will need to get fit and trim, not just a set of foods you can and cannot eat. In fact, a big part of it is helping you make healthy choices while still eating a normal, diverse diet. Combined with Acupuncture, it helps you to make an easy transition as well as sticking with a healthy lifestyle from the long run.