If you ever think of this problem, why we have all kinds of commercial weight loss programs while many programs fail and still overweight and obesity is still a big issue for people ? Other programs tell you what they think it might work, while our "Total Reshape" weight control program is all about what does work for you.  Our program is about education and implementation, not limitation. The only limits in "Total Reshape" are those you put on yourself. Anything becomes possible when you start to live in a healthy TCM lifestyle we will teach you.

We come in because:
1. we use Tradition Chinese Medicine method to do whole body health system judgement, we can prescribe acupuncture,herbs, supplements, we can also provide food, exercise recommendations. Achieve good health is the ultimate goal not just looking at your weight.
2. Behavior modification is a crucial component to self-sustain long-term weight management success. We incorporate several components for behavior modification in our weight loss program.
3. we also use modern technique to do meridian analysis and body composition assessment, focus our treatment on specific body segment where is storing the highest percentage of fats.
4. we use system solution to control weight: jump start, maintain your weight, it has never been easier than before.
5. All our solutions are person-oriented, each person is different in diagnosis and treatment.